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Travelling through Australia? Touring the world is one of the best things to do while you are still young and full of life. Travel teaches you so many great things about the world, other people and often results in the most remarkable experiences. At Melbourne Hostel, we realize that this is hardly a cheap journey to take on. In fact, travelling the world or a different country is one of the most expensive adventures to enjoy.

Close to public transport ~ 9 Minutes to St.Kilda Beach ~ 20 Minutes to Melbourne City


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The Best Hostels in Melbourne

If you are travelling or backpacking around the country and looking for the best hostels in Melbourne, then you probably need an affordable place to stay or somewhere that allows you to work while you travel.

Our hostel in Melbourne is the perfect solution for you whether you are a single traveller or part of a larger group.

We provide hostel bed and breakfast accommodations for young, social and lively people. Our shared accommodations are fantastic value for money and we also employ travellers who might be looking for work opportunities as they journey on. Read More

Good Reasons to Choose To Stay At The Best Backpackers in Melbourne

Melbourne Hostel is one of the best hostels to stay at in Melbourne because we offer our guests plenty of benefits you won’t be able to experience anywhere else. Here are the top reasons to book in at our terrific hostel facilities;

Free Wi-Fi – You can connect to our uncapped internet services free of charge. Our internet is perfect for staying connected with friends and for enjoying all types of online content.

Free breakfast – Our overnight rates includes a free and hearty breakfast so you can stay nourished on the go.

Make new friends – When you stay at our facilities, you will be sharing various parts of our hostel such as the lounge, kitchen and other with our other guests. We take special care to arrange all sorts of gatherings in order to bring all of our guests together. This is a perfect opportunity to make new friends, meet other travellers and to stay connected and have fun while you journey.

Comfortable rest – Our bedrooms are furnished with standard beds that allow you to enjoy a comfortable rest before you move on to the next big adventure.

Central location – Melbourne Hostel is based in the heart of St Kilda which is within walking distance of all the amenities you might need while you are visiting the beautiful Melbourne.

Affordable rates – You won’t find better accommodation rates in any surrounding guest house, hotel or bed and breakfast than at the Melbourne Hostel.

Work while you travel – We provide opportunities for travellers to work while you are travelling or to enjoy emergency accommodation by providing rooms in exchange for work services.

What To Look For In The Best Hostels in Melbourne

Where you stay is a critical element of any backpacking trip or visit to Melbourne. A little careful research can go a long way to ensure a memorable vacation or stopover. Here’s our top tips for finding the best hostels in Melbourne:

Positive Reviews

It goes without saying that the standard between hostels in Melbourne can be pretty significant, yet the difference in price may not be so significant. Before booking any hostel in Melbourne, look up their reviews on TripAdvisor, Google and social media. Just because their tagline might suggest they are one of the “best hostels to stay in Melbourne”, doesn’t mean that’s true. Their online reviews will truly reveal all!

Location, Location, Location

A great deal isn’t such a great deal if your hostel is located in an industrial area or within only driving distance of local amenities. The best backpackers in Melbourne understand the important of a central location when choosing a hostel. The more central your location, the more you can get from your stay. Areas outside of Melbourne CBD like St. Kilda can prove more affordable for backpackers and offer lots more things to see and do.


Consider not only the price of the hostel but think about the affordability of amenities and excursions in the area too. A hostel located near a beach and coastal area or forests and parks will provide hours of free entertainment. Check out if the area has cheap eats and drinks and factor the cost of all entertainment into the price of your trip to uncover the truly best hostel for your budget.

Why Melbourne Backpackers Come to St. Kilda

Located just 6km south-east of the Melbourne CBD, St. Kilda is a hugely popular area for Melbourne backpackers. The bohemian beach area boasts a wide range of things to see and do, no matter your budget. Here are some of the top reasons for you to stay in St. Kilda:

Australia’s largest free music festival

St. Kilda Festival attracts almost half a million visitors every year. Typically held in February, the festival is a one-day free affair with live music and dance, street performers, foot stalls, markets, even children’s activities.

An abundance of bars and restaurants

No matter what world cuisine you’re into, you’ll find it in St. Kilda. The area is home to some of Melbourne’s best vegetarian and vegan eateries. Once your tummy is full, take a trip to one of St. Kilda’s bohemian bars with options ranging from the fancy to the footloose and fancy-free.

Beach walks and bike rides

There’s nothing quite so relaxing like a walk or bike ride along the beautiful beach promenade in St. Kilda. Stop at one of the beachside bars for a cheeky drink or make your way down to the bottom of the pier to see the penguins come ashore at sunrise or sunset.

Fun times at the fun park

Luna Park, St. Kilda’s local amusement park, is home to an array of fun rides, most notably, the Scenic Railway Rollercoaster, a thrilling ride that is sure to make you scream. Admission to the park is free; you only pay for the rides amusements you want to ride.

Your Go-To Backpacker Hostel in Melbourne

If you’re backpacking in Melbourne, our hostel in St. Kilda should be a must-visit on your list. Our trendy and comfortable dorms are limited in capacity so be sure to book ahead to enjoy a stay in one of the best hostels in the city.

Book Your Stay at the Best Backpacker Hostel in Melbourne

If you want to enjoy all the comforts and benefits that our stylish hostel has to offer then book your stay at the best backpackers in Melbourne right now. We have a wide range of hostel rooms available that vary from shared accommodations up to our very affordable 12-berth bedrooms. You can book your stay as an individual traveller, as a family or as a group for as many days as you need.

Our hostel is the perfect secure environment for you to chill out and unwind while taking a break from sightseeing all around Melbourne.

We are proud to be the youth hostel in Melbourne travelers trust to always be clean, tidy and friendly. Our rooms are always well-kept with fresh linens, and our staff is extremely knowledgeable of Melbourne and St Kilda. If you’re looking for St Kilda hostel and backpacker accommodation or youth hostel in St Kilda, look no further than Melbourne Hostel. Read Less