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If you are a backpacker travelling in the St Kilda area, you will love Melbourne Hostel. We are an affordable hostel based in St Kilda, located at 14-16 Punt Road, St Kilda VIC 3182, with a strong focus on providing a friendly and social atmosphere and great facilities. We specifically target our services towards backpackers in St Kilda, so you can be assured that all your needs from such a hostel will be met—and then some. If you need a place to stay, whether for a day or longer, look no further. We have modern and highly functional dorm rooms ready and waiting for you.

Close to public transport ~ 9 Minutes to St.Kilda Beach ~ 20 Minutes to Melbourne City


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St Kilda Backpackers Hostel & Budget Accomodation

One of the most important things to us, as staff at Melbourne Hostel, is ensuring that our guests are comfortable when they stay with us. We pride ourselves on the friendly and relaxed environment we have created in our hostel.

We regularly organise a variety of activities for our guests, to keep them engaged and to have fun with others. This may be as simple as cooking together or sitting down for a chat. We also go on outings occasionally, including to experience the local nightlife. Read More

For guests who prefer to do their own exploring, we can suggest a variety of activities as well.

  • Festivals
  • Concerts and sporting events
  • Theme parks
  • Local destinations

Festivals include the annual St Kilda Festival (which you can attend for free) and Midsumma Pride March (which is a great opportunity to celebrate pride, party, and attend a parade).

Concerts can vary greatly, with plenty of entertainment to be found within easy reach of the hostel. Sporting events include the well known Australian Open tennis and the Australian Grand Prix. Luna Park is a great family-friendly option, where you can easily spend a day or more, with plenty of rides and attractions, food, and more.

Backpackers in St Kilda Love Our Hostel

For those who would like to experience St Kilda more like a local would, exploring the city can be a great option. Visit St Kilda beach, known for being a party beach. Check out the strips of cafes, restaurants, bars, and shops along Fitzroy and Acland St. Or catch public transport from St Kilda Junction tram stop to other local destinations.

Choose the backpackers St Kilda travelers book time and time again. Our Hostel is one of the best choices you can make when it comes to choosing a St Kilda Backpackers Hostel.

Meet Other Backpackers in St Kilda!

Book a dorm room with us today and you’ll soon be out and experiencing the greatness that St Kilda has to offer. We have various sizes of dorm rooms available, each including access to our excellent facilities.

  • 12 bed dorm rooms
  • 9 bed dorm rooms
  • 6 bed dorm rooms
  • 5 bed dorm rooms
  • 3 bed dorm rooms
  • double private rooms

The Friendliest St Kilda Beach Backpackers

Our hostel has beautiful and modern furnishings and is very open and relaxed in atmosphere. We are dedicated to ensuring our guests have the best time possible and have easy access to all they need while they stay with us. Staying with us is an experience you won’t forget.

For those on a tight budget, travelling can quickly become expensive. That is why we offer cheap accommodation in St Kilda at our hostel. Our prices are very reasonable, especially when you consider the high-quality facilities we offer and our friendly environment. We are also located in the midst of some of the best parts of Australian nightlife, as well as near to where various festivals and events are often hosted. We want the best for our guests, so that’s what we provide.

Cheap Accomodation in St Kilda – Save Money For Traveling & Fun

St Kilda is host to a wide range of festivals, concerts and sporting events, theme parks, and local destinations you won’t want to miss out on.

Festivals: St Kilda Festival is held every February and is free to attend. At St Kilda Festival, you can expect to see a variety of activities and performances: music, poetry, art, theatre, outdoor cinema, beach sports, and more! Another festival is Midsumma Pride March, which has just run for its 24th year. The best way to sum it up is: Pride, parade, and party.

Concerts and sporting events: The area often hosts to a variety of concerts and sporting events. Some of the best concerts happen locally. And if you’re a sports fan, you’ll enjoy the Australian Open tennis at Rod Laver Arena, the MCG, and the Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park.

Theme parks: Luna Park is one of St Kilda’s defining places to visit. With plenty of rides and attractions, as well as catering and function rooms for events, Luna Park is a great destination for your holiday, child’s birthday party, or even work function.

Local destinations: The city of Melbourne is well worth exploring, whether you seek out landmarks, visit the library, or go shopping. St Kilda Junction tram stop is nearby, making it easy to travel around. Fitzroy and Acland St offer a variety of restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops. Or if you’re looking for something a bit more relaxing, head to St Kilda Beach, famed for being a party beach.

Friendly Budget Accommodation in St Kilda

If this list isn’t enough, feel free to reach out to any of us and we can provide you with other suggestions. We also, at the hostel, arrange social gatherings for our guests, and you are very welcome to attend. Our guests cook together, spend time together, and even have the occasional night out together, exploring the nightlife.

Book Budget Accomodation in St Kilda, Melbourne

We are dedicated to providing our guests with the best experience they can imagine! We care about our guests and their stories and love getting to know them on a personal level while they stay with us. We foster a friendly and social environment that encourages our guests to interact with each other and have fun.

To make a booking for budget accommodation in St Kilda, simply visit our website, select the day or days that you would like to stay with us, and enter your details. It’s a quick and easy process. You will find that our prices are very competitive and good value. We hope you join us soon.

We’re proud to call ourselves one of the greatest hostels in St Kilda, Australia—and it is located right next to the beach. Suitable for backpackers and other travellers, our facilities have a lot to offer, from excellent dorm rooms and facilities to easy access to public transport and a variety of festivals, events, and local destinations. Further, it’s a great place to socialise and make new friends while travelling!

We Beat Other Hostels in St Kilda Australia

St Kilda is a great choice for your next holiday, with plenty to see and do. No matter what your interests are, there is something to capture your sense of adventure—or your sense of relaxation, if you’d rather take it easy and do some sightseeing.

Attend festivals, concerts and sporting events, theme parks, and local destinations. Explore all over Melbourne. Enjoy the nightlife and local cafes, restaurants, bars, and shops. And make memories you won’t ever forget.

  • Luna Park
  • St Kilda beach
  • St Kilda Junction tram stop
  • Concerts
  • Sporting events
  • St Kilda Festival
  • Midsumma Pride March
  • The Royal Botanic gardens

A Secure St Kilda Hostel

While you may love getting out and about, there is no need for the fun to stop there. Enjoy the atmosphere at the hostel itself too. Situated in the midst of various local destinations and activities, you can enjoy great facilities and dorm rooms, as well as its own vibrant culture. We’d love for you to join us.

Some of the features unique to our St Kilda Hostel:

  • Chill out areas
  • Rooftop
  • Movie nights
  • Latino-themed parties
  • Table tennis
  • Hostel nights out
  • And more!

We want our guests to feel comfortable, like they’re at home and can relax, so our dorm rooms are uniquely designed to be warm and inviting while remaining quite modern. With brick walls and rich colours, these rooms will make you want to get cosy.

Our St Kilda hostel Melbourne encourages a friendly environment too, with plenty of hostel-specific activities to keep you occupied and socialising. So, if you’re looking for a St Kilda hostel experience in Melbourne, you’ve found the right place. Come and join us!

Watch the Sunset at Our St Kilda Beach Hostel

With all we have to offer, you’re probably ready to make a booking right away. Booking a room with our backpackers in South Melbourne is a quick and simple process that you can do online right now. Simply visit our website, select the date or dates of your choice, and enter your details. Then, show up on those days and enjoy your time with us.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in contact and we can discuss them with you. We are happy to help with any queries you may have. You can contact us on the phone, on social media, or through our website.

Our hostel in Melbourne is dedicated to providing our guests with the very best experience. In fact, our St Kilda beach hostel is one of the best hostels in Melbourne. Come and see for yourself.

Are you a youngster looking for a place to stay in Melbourne? Then we invite you to visit our Melbourne Hostel and to make a booking right now.

Stay at Our Youth Hostel in St Kilda

Our youth hostel here in St Kilda is a perfect solution for students, young people, backpackers, and travellers looking for a safe and comfortable place to stay without it costing you a fortune. We established this hostel because we have a passion for people and love to meet and work with people from all over whilst giving you a safe and cosy haven where you can rest for as long as you need.

The Best Reasons to Stay Over At Our St Kilda Youth Hostel

is the perfect home for youngsters looking for somewhere friendly and safe to stay, for young people who might be exploring St Kilda & Melbourne through backpacking and for others in need of emergency accommodation. There are many great reasons to choose our hostel, such as:

Affordable rates – You won’t find a guesthouse, youth hostel in Melbourne, hotel, lodge or dorm that offers the same competitive prices we do. We are able to provide rooms at a remarkably affordable rate because we offer shared dorms which can sleep between 3 and 12 people. However, if you do prefer your privacy, we have private double rooms too.

Free breakfast – Our accommodation rates include a delicious, healthy and wholesome breakfast that is designed to give you the energy and nutrition you need to keep you going all day!

Free Wi-Fi – When you book in at our hostel you will get to enjoy unlimited free Wi-Fi access so you can update your phone and stay entertained while you stay. Our Wi-Fi connection is perfect for travellers who need to interact with family back home or for young students who might be busy with online courses.

Safety – Our hostel is a positive and safe environment where you can book in for the night or for as long as you desire and enjoy a safe stay.

Social living – This is one of the best reasons to stay over at our accommodations. Youngsters can meet up, make new friends, enjoy social breakfasts and settings in our shared kitchen and lounge facilities.

Work at our hostel – Do you need a job? Well, then our hostel is a perfect solution for you. We provide working arrangements for young students looking for a means to pay for their accommodation. Contact our offices to find out about work availability at our hostel.

Comfortable stay – Our hostel offers comfortable accommodations as well as cosy lounge areas where you can relax and interact with others.

Beautiful décor – Our facility is beautifully decorated in bright colours and artworks and our interior decorating has a modern and trendy edge that suits the young tastes perfectly.

The Leading Youth Hostel St Kilda

Our youth hostel in St Kilda is incredibly popular because we offer young people everything you need for a comfortable stay. We do however have limited dorms and if you want to secure your stay at our hostel, then we advise you book as early as possible.

Contact our offices right now or make a booking online so you can secure a room for the night for yourself and for your friends too!

Most hostels are viewed as just a cheap place to sleep before continuing on, but our hostel is routinely praised for its cleanliness, community and general relaxed, fun atmosphere. We’re not only the best hostel in St Kilda, but we also attract the best backpackers in St Kilda. When you’re living in a dorm environment, it’s important to make sure everyone is interested in being part of a fun community and not looking to cause trouble. We make sure that anyone who stays with us is all about having a fun time and not being problematic; any problematic behaviour such as stealing or disrespecting other lodgers will not be tolerated in the least.

Looking to Stay in St Kilda’s Best Hostel?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to one of the best hostels in St Kilda! We pride ourselves on being the absolute highest quality accommodation for both new and seasoned travellers alike. We love the opportunity to meet and get to know every one of our guests, and we love hearing about their stories and travels. We even help find work opportunities for those who are looking to be a more permanent fixture in St Kilda and the surrounding area. Our location is unbeatable with St Kilda beach just a five-minute walk away. We are also right near the St Kilda junction tram stop making the famed beach party town well accessible by foot or public transport.

Choose The Best Hostels For Cleanliness in St Kilda

The common areas in our hostel exceed expectations as well! We have incredible facilities, and even host themed parties and events taking advantage of our beautiful rooftop space. Our kitchen areas are big and beautiful, and we offer a complimentary breakfast every morning. For lodging, we offer single-person rooms, as well as six, nine or twelve-person dorms – even with the shared spaces we have been told that the privacy and security is incredible and again, our attention to detail and cleanliness often results in guests returning or even extending their stays with us.

What Makes Us The Best Backpackers Hostel in St Kilda?

We care about our guests and want to make their experience the best possible one; we love our backpacker family and truly want to offer a place based on friendly, warm, welcoming spaces and people. You’ll find free unlimited WiFi, free breakfast, 24-hour reception, A/C and access to all of our facilities, plus table tennis, pool tables and incredibly cool lounge spaces. You’ll also notice that we’ve put a lot of time and effort into our beautifully curated art collection, so each space in our hostel tells a story and feels like home.

Where Can I Book The Best Hostels to Stay in St Kilda?

Bookings can be made through our website, or you can feel free to give us a call at 03 9525 2124, we can’t wait for you to join our backpacker family. Also please check out our Instagram for more pictures of our beautiful space!
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